Monday, January 29, 2007


Hello. The subject of this blog is me (Kevin) and my 3 kids (Levi, Bess, & Rae) from my first marriage.

We've been separated / divorced since 2001 when Levi was 4, Bess was 3, and Rae was an infant. Now, 5 1/2 years later, Levi is almost 10, Bess will be 9, and Rae just turned 6. I am remarried and we have a new blended family, but that is a blog of its own.

This writing will describe our experiences and what I have learned, and hopefully will make it easier for some of you to improve the limited time you spend with your kids in the unfortunate case of divorce.

Obviously I have 5 + years of experiences, as well as ongoing experiences, but I will try to mix the current with the past in a way that is not too difficult to follow.