Tuesday, September 25, 2007


"Levi" called me at 4PM on Friday, all in a panic because one of his molars was loose. He wasn't sure if he was supposed to lose them or not. I told him if it was loose, it was probably because he needed to lose it.

Anyhow by 5:30 when I picked them up, "Bess" had a loose molar too. She sat in the back seat and worked it and before we had completed the 45 minute drive from their mom's to my house, she had pulled it out.

Levi then went to work and got his out in the car also, but Bess was first (even though she's a year younger).

Monday, September 17, 2007

Concert With Dad

The highlight of this weekend was taking my 10 year old son "Levi" and stepson "Nolan" to their first rock concert. We went to see Sum 41, a concert previewed here in Scene Magazine.

We left home around 5 and rode the RTA downtown and then had dinner at the Tower City Food Court where Levi had his favorite, teriyaki chicken. Nolan had a ham and cheese from Arby's.

We then walked 4 blocks to the House Of Blues. We made a quick walk through and ended up in the balcony where they have just 6 rows of seats. We got the last set of 3 together, about 4 rows back in the right corner. They were very good seats, as long as the fat chick 2 rows up wasn't standing up taking pictures.

The opening act was Monty Are I. They were pretty loud and, since I wasn't familiar with any of their songs, it was difficult to hear the lyrics. Plus there was 4 bands worth of equipment on an already crowded stage. They were a high energy group and definitely had fun, and got the crowd started during their 30-minute set.

Next on the card was Amber Pacific. Their 30 minutes of music played a little clearer. They also announced that their new album, Truth In Sincerity, would be on sale for just $5! We picked this up on the way out, and we've just started to listen to it a few times. Two girls behind us from Detroit, Michigan came back from the break with Amber Pacific shirts.

I got the boys each a Red Bull in between Amber Pacific and the next band . . .

Yellowcard came out last before the headliner and played for about 50 minutes. They played a song called Keeper and I joked to Levi that they definitely must have played soccer growing up. With the gear gone from the first 2 bands, the guys from Yellowcard actually had room to move around on stage. Alot of people were definitely into the band and were singing along to the songs.

Finally it was time for the band we came to see, Sum 41. They played for almost an hour and a half, doing their most popular older songs, and about half the songs from the new Underclass Hero disk.

Lead singer Deryck Whibley entertained in between songs, introducing bass player Cone, drummer Steve-O 32, and new touring guitarist BrownTom, who replaced original band member Dave Brownsound.

Deryck took a few pages from Green Day's Billie Jo, picking 3 fans from the pit to sit side-stage during the show, and then later challenging a random crowd member to play a better guitar solo than him.

After a 75 minute set, they came out for a 2-song encore, playing crowd favorite "Fat Lip" and then ended the show with Deryck on the drums and Steve-O singing "Pain For Pleasure."

The boys and I had a great time, and of course, they wore their t-shirts the next day.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Weeknight With Dad

I had my kids overnight on Tuesday. This was our first weeknight since school started 2 weeks ago. School started on a Tuesday and then the next week was Labor Day. Since both of those weeks were 4-day weeks, I agreed to have the kids on Sunday night (not a school night) as my overnight.

So I left work at 4 PM for the 1 1/2 hour commute to my kids' mom's home. I got there right at 5:30, and my cell phone rang. Their mom was calling to say she was just leaving work to get the kids. It's a long confusing story but apparently they were supposed to be home with a sitter but the storm door was locked so they couldn't get in. They finally arrived about 5:45.

I quickly got the kids and their backpacks into the car and we were on our way. We had soccer practice at 6:30 and we were a little late. Also, on our way, their mom called to tell me that Rae had left her blue folder in the backseat of her mom's car, it wasn't in her backpack.

So then after soccer, we went home and I heated them up some dinner while Levi & Bess did their homework and all of them got showers. We had macaroni & cheese, hot dogs, chicken tenders, & garlic toast. And some delicious chocolate pie for dessert. Rae told me she didn't have any homework and her mother had her folder so I didn't check her backpack. Mistake!

It was nearing 10 PM when I got them all tucked into bed.

I got up at 6AM and got myself around and dressed. I got the girls up at 6:30 and Levi at 6:45. Their mother had said for them to be ready at 7:15 AM. They all got up, got dressed, and had breakfast. Rae then went to put her lunch in her backpack and showed me her red folder, which had some math homework in it. Oops!

The homework involved cutting and pasting numbers so of course we didn't have time to get it done. Their mom arrived around 7:30 to pick them up. I explained the situation but she must not have understood because she left and then came back to tell me that she would be sure to tell the teacher it was my fault that Rae didn't finish her homework.

I had already planned to email the teacher to explain the confusion and to let her know that I would make sure to check Rae's backpack in the future, regardless of what Rae or her mother told me.

Baby brother Gabe did wake up just before they left, and they were all 3 happy to see him, as they hadn't seen him in over a week.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Weekend Without Dad (Oops!)

Our new shared parenting plan calls for me to have the kids on the weekends corresponding to the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Friday of each month. I misread or misremembered and for whatever reason, thought I would have the kids on the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd weekends.

Since they weren't expecting me, nobody was home at their mom's when I got there. After a couple tries, I got her on her cell phone and she (correctly) let me know it was her weekend. I disputed her at the time.

I did get to talk to each kid on the phone, wish them a good weekend, and let them know I love them. Then I made a small purchase (to prove I was in town that night). I drove home and re-checked the paperwork to discover that I was wrong.

Saturday after our soccer games, I called and left a message, saying that their mom was right and I was wrong, and letting the kids know how their soccer games had gone. Sunday night I called again after another game and talked to the kids.

It's kind of a bummer. "Levi" had never missed a soccer game in the 9 seasons he has been playing. Also, it was picture day for the soccer teams and we had planned to let each kid pick out something special, like a t-shirt or bobble-head, since this may be their final season of playing soccer in my community.

I'll see them on Tuesday. It's been a long time (over a week). I miss them.